Why you should consider coliving before the next lockdown

By Laure Bommart Published 25/05/2020

As #stayhome has been on everyone’s lips for the last couple of weeks, the lockdown we all experienced due to the pandemic has reshaped the way people live and interact, especially in coliving spaces. Through the eyes of our members, discover what the lockdown felt like at Cohabs and how the COVID-19 crisis has more than ever strengthened our sense of community. 

Sharing Moments in a Different Way 

It was not so long ago that we all lived our peaceful life, darting from social group to social group. We would all share specific moments with colleagues during the day, friends in the evening, family on weekends, and roommates throughout the week. But what happened a few months ago merely deprived us of this social innocence, as we were all asked to stay at home and drastically limit our social contacts

Ultimately, this was a great opportunity for our Cohabs Community to get to know each other better. All this time they spent with other people, they would now spend together in our shared houses, allowing for stronger ties and new shared moments. 

Roommates Become Family

Following online yoga classes in the morning and playing board games at night. Joining a few roommates in the gym for some exercise instead of going out alone for a run. Enjoying coffee breaks and trading lunches at a desk for shared moments in the dining room. Experiencing creative cocktail recipes and sunbathing in the garden. Spending much more time in the kitchen to cook together and learn more about new culinary traditions every day. 

Our roommates never spent so much time together and they all experienced this deeper connection between them. More than roommates, they became family. Coliving ultimately turned out to be the most amazing confinement they could get! – and it tasted so much better together.

Houses Become Home

Forging these new habits, they all felt more connected within our community. And our houses felt more like home. What we all know now, is that our Cohabs coliving experience will never be the same again. As the world now gets back on track and tries to find a new rhythm, our shared moments are now sacred, our deeper bonds are gold and we’ll for sure raise our new habits as our standards.

More than ever during this pandemic, Cohabs has gone beyond living. It is far more than a place to live. It is a unique life experience with amazing people sharing unforgettable moments. 

Wanna join us? Well, you should consider it before the next lockdown.

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