The coziest coworking spaces in Brussels

By Charlotte Deprez Published 18/04/2017

If you’re an entrepreneur, or even an employee with homeworking days, you might want to separate your private den from your professional space. Of course there are great coffee places with wifi, but Brussels also has quite a large offer when it comes to actual coworking spaces. Here’s a list of the ones that caught our eye.

Bon Jour

Bon Jour is French for “hello” or, literally, “good day”. The tone is set! In this homely and creativity-oriented coworking space, people work, exchange and sometimes collaborate on projects. Because that’s the whole point as well: finding like-minded people with complementary skills to have a “go to” person for everything you might need in your own projects… And build your network!

Bon Jour also organizes a lot of events such as networking drinks and creative workshops; even more ways to meet new people. And finally, since January 2017, they started The Factory, which is a collaborative platform supplying digital and creative services but also organising training programs and masterclasses.

Coworking Les Galeries

More than a coworking, Les Galeries are also an art space located in the historical Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert in the very center of Brussels. Launched in September 2015 by Valerie Kinoo, a Brussels-based entrepreneur, the space has since then hosted tens of events, exhibitions and happy coworkers.

What’s really unusual about this place is that you’ll be working in a listed historic monument, not a lot of coworking spaces can claim that. On top of that, you’ll hardly find a more lively space to work in: exhibitions, morning parties, yoga classes, you name it!

  • Renting options (coffee & tea always included):
    • Day Pass: 30€/day (8hours)
    • Community Pass: 30€/month (access to community events, discounts on paying events, 25% off meeting room renting prices, no desk time)
    • The Visitor: 100€/month (Community Pass + 4 day passes + 2h/month meeting room access)
    • The Business Visitor: 150€/month (Visitor Pass + registered business address)
    • The Frequent Flyer: 200€/month (Community Pass + registered business address + 2,5 days/week desk time & 4h/month meeting room access)
    • The Neighbor: 300€/month (Community Pass + registered business address + 7 days/week unlimited desk time + 8h/month meeting room access
    • The HomeTowner: 400€/month(The Neighbor Pass + a fixed working station)
  • Free trial: yes.
  • Location: Galerie du Roi 30, 1000 Brussel,, 0484 78 17 83.

The Mug

Located just a stone’s throw from Schuman, in the European Quarter, The Mug is a human-sized coworking space nested on four floors (coworking space, meeting room, kitchen and terrace) of a typical Brussels house. No corporate vibes here, but more a family-like space to get creative and, most importantly, get sh** done.

The coworkers are mostly young and cool creatives and, of course, composed of a lot of expats living nearby. Finally, being a freelancer often means being alone (this applies even more to people who just got to Brussels); The Mug aims at solving that problem and at a very sweet price, on top of that.

  • Renting options:

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The Library

The Library is a this sleek, luminous and Scandinavian-inspired coworking space with three different locations in Brussels (Ambiorix, Europe and Ixelles). The various locations have a lot of things in common but one main impression remains: they give you an instant Hygge feeling. Compared to other coworking spaces in the capital city this one is upscale and chic… and beautiful!

The goal here is to do business in a casual yet refined way, which can be very important depending on the type of clients and partners you need to meet. The places are run by community managers who make sure everyone feels comfortable. The library also organizes free courses and events. However, beautiful things have a price! But the sunny garden and daily cake will make you forget about it very quickly…

  • Renting options: memberships run from 220 euros per month to 1300 euros per month, depending in whether you want access to the coworking space, office space, private offices for rent or meeting rooms for events and meetings.
  • Free trial: yes, info here.
  • Locations:


With now three locations in Brussels (Eruope, Louise and Stéphanie), one of the first coworking spaces that opened in the capital city has bright days ahead! The goal of these places? Put together entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and creatives from any sector to enable collaborations and networking.

The atmosphere wants you to focus when you need to, but also enjoy when you can. Community managers actually regularly organize events to foster the spirit of the different places.

  • Renting options:
    • Day Pass: 30€
    • Start Office: 100€/month (you’re part of the community, registered business address, mail management, access to the meeting rooms 2h/month)
    • Virtual Office: 150€/month (Start Office + phone & fax number + access to the meeting rooms 4h/month)
    • Flex Desk: 295€/month (Access to all the services but no fixed desk)
    • Fixed Desk: 395€/month (Access to all the services with a fixed desk)
    • Private Office: from 800€/month
  • Free trial: yes, over here.
  • Locations:

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More coworking spaces:

  • Wip Coworking: this coworking space isn’t in Brussels, but just a 20-minute drive from the south of Brussels. The big advantage of this place? It’s lost in the middle of the woods and directly linked to the Dolce La Hulpe, a very nice spa.
  • The Loft: this coworking space is located next to The Library Ixelles and Silversquare Louise, on the Avenue Louise.
  • Transforma bxl: Transforma has a clear entrepreneurial angle with the specificity that they are always aiming for the most innovative tools, talks, events etc. They launched the Transforma Lab, aiming at helping companies and entrepreneurs innovate and evolve. Oh and they have a community vegetable garden, where they grow their own food!
  • Factory Forty: located just at the south-west of Brussels, Factory Forty offers a family-like atmosphere coupled to a green approach. The garden, the hens and the vegetable garden give a very nice touch to this luminous place!
  • TIMESMORE: hard to find yet beautiful space! Time’s More is nested in a beautiful house next to Montgomery.

And here’s a little map to help you visualize all the coworking spaces we talked about, and choose yours!

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