The answers to the 10 questions we get the most about Cohabs

By Charlotte Deprez Published 21/09/2021

It’s been 6 years since we launched Cohabs. In 6 years, a lot of things have evolved and changed in our offer. However, we couldn’t help but notice that some questions keep coming up almost every time someone contacts us for a room in one of our houses.

So we figured: why not group all of those questions in one reference article? Well, that’s what we did. Here are the 10 most frequently asked questions, and their precise answer. 

How much does it cost?

First of all, it’s important to mention that we have two types of houses. Each type is called a “collection”, and their cute names are Elo and Osa.

  • Collection Elo is where it all started, the original vision of Cohabs encapsulated in an offer to meet all your needs, and more. It’s hassle-free, flexible, community-driven, competitively priced, and available in Brussels, Paris, New York, Madrid, and more soon. On average, the pricing for an Elo bedroom is around €700 in Brussels, €1050 in Paris and $1500 in New York City. On top of the monthly rent, we ask for a fixed €1100 / $1100 deposit which we return to you once you move out. 
  • Collection Osa is our top-shelf offer, aka the cream of the crop. It’s our answer to meet our most demanding members’ needs, so it has all the benefits of Elo… And way more! We started from scratch to redesign everything from the spaces to the features with a simple approach: exceed expectations. So far, Osa is only available in Brussels with prices between 960€ and 1350€ all included. Here, we ask for a fixed €1600 deposit that you’ll get back once you move out. 

How does your booking process work?

We take pride in is the fact that we always try to find the best Cohabs house for you. That’s why we (e-)meet every single person who applies for a room! 

More precisely, here’s a detailed overview of the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Click on Find a Room & fill in the selection criteria and contact form
  2. Schedule a call with one of our Community Managers 
  3. After the call, if we have availability, you receive the Virtual Tour of the room and info about your future home and housemates
  4. You then have to click on “Book the room” and download 2 identification documents (proofs of identity e.g. State ID/ Driver’s License, Passport, or SS Card)
  5. Once the Community team receives the documents and validates them, they’ll send you the contract
  6. Once you’ve read and signed the contract, you receive a “Welcome to Cohabs” email. That’s the confirmation that your room is officially booked, congrats!
  7. 24 hours later, you receive another email with payment info, move-in precisions, etc. 
  8. You move into your amazing new home and meet your great housemates! 

Who are your members? 

They’re the best! More precisely, they’re usually between 21 and 35 years old and come from all around the world. They are curious and open-minded, looking for new opportunities to connect and learn new things.

Most of them are already professionally active and have extremely diverse career backgrounds  (in health, consulting, finance, digital, etc.) or are actively pursuing higher education and internship programs.

Most importantly, our members share our community values: be open, keep learning, think green, stay foolish, lend a hand and be respectful. You can read more about our awesome members on our Cohabs Community page and on our blog.

What are the services that are included in my monthly rent?

At Cohabs, we’re all about our community. That’s why we think it’s so important to offer a ton of complimentary additional services with your monthly rent! To name a few:

  • A monthly breakfast delivered at your door to enjoy with your housemates
  • Common groceries delivered each month such as toilet paper, garbage bags, paper towels, coffee, salt and pepper, hand soap, dishwasher tablets, …
  • Monthly community events organized by our team for our members
  • Once a week, our team cleans all the common areas of your house and your private bathroom.
  • On-call house maintenance as we care about you and about our houses. If you have an incident or something that doesn’t work well, just report it via your Cohabs mobile app. Our team will fix it.
  • Fully furnished home with domestic WiFi and Netflix, and all utilities (water, gas, electricity, …).
  • Everything at your fingertips, via our Cohabs mobile app, you’ll be able to open your door, create an event, report an incident, chat with the other Cohabs members, and much more!
  • A Welcome pack: As a new member of the Cohabs family, you deserve a little welcome gift! You will find it in your bedroom on your move-in day.

Do you accept pets? 

Ah, we would love to! However, not knowing who might be allergic or feel uncomfortable with your 4-legged friend, we cannot accept pets in our houses. 

How are the rooms decorated and organized?

Every room is decorated by our kickass interior design team, led by Lionel Jadot. Lionel joined the Cohabs team at the very beginning as a partner & Chief Design Officer; he’s the creative mind behind each of our homes! His very recognizable style is all about upcycling and mix & match, making every Cohabs house and bedroom 100% unique.

On the organization side, our standard bedrooms have a queen-sized bed (140×200), a desk with a chair, a bedside table with a lamp, a custom-built closet and private storage. Some of our bedrooms have en-suite private bathrooms with a shower and a sink. 

Do you charge the use of the laundry room?

No! You’re home, so it’s included in your monthly rent, as it should be. More precisely, every house has a laundry room with washing machines and dryers. The number of laundry appliances depends on the number of housemates, it’s as simple as that!

Do you accept couples and kids? 

Yes! However, in our Osa houses only. These houses are specifically designed for couples, single parents with one kid, and older (or less young, if you insist) people who are aspiring for more space and tranquility. Osa rooms range from 18m2 to 30m2 and all have their own bathroom, so it’s the perfect option for small families who need privacy. 

Is there a curfew?

Again, you’re home. And there’s no curfew when you’re home, right? We only count on our members to respect the other tenants and neighbors. We also have a quiet hours policy starting after 10 pm during working days and 10:30 pm on weekend nights.

Is there a private toilet in my room?

Last but not least, probably the most crucial question of all. The short answer is: it depends. If it’s an important topic for you, mention it to our Community Manager during your introduction call! 

You’re interested in joining your own new family in Brussels? Let’s have a chat together, apply to join here!

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