Meet a Cohabs member: Georgia, Greek living in Brussels

By Laure Bommart Published 05/11/2018

Could you introduce yourself? 

I am Georgia Gkioka, I come from Athens in Greece. I am an Electrical and Computer Engineer and I am currently working in an IT consultancy firm here in Brussels. And I am living in the newest Cohabs House, Cohabs Couvent.

Why did you choose to come and work in Brussels?

I used to do an internship in Brussels at the Council of the EU, and I really liked the vibe of the city, the fact that it is very multicultural and international, that you never feel alone in a sense. Also, that because of the different cultures you have a lot of events to see, things to do and many people to connect to. I also really appreciated the fact that the city has many companies quite well-known and I had an opportunity which I found very interesting I thought “why not?”.

Why did you choose Cohabs as an accommodation instead of a regular flat share? 

I first heard about Cohabs on Facebook. A girl was leaving her room before the end of her lease, so she was looking for someone to replace her. I visited the room and talked to the guys there, they were really nice, I appreciated it a lot. Everyone was living in harmony. Unfortunately, I missed the room, but after that I reached out to Cohabs via the website and got a room. But the reason why I chose Cohabs is because I think they are really thoughtful into making their houses like real homes and not providing the simplest accommodation possible. Everything is in the details. I really enjoy the connection with different people coming from different backgrounds. And for sure I enjoy the design, like everything is really well thought of and beautiful! I feel like home, I fell at ease here. 

What is the most unexpected thing about co-living? 

Actually, I did not expect that we would hang out together that much. The fact that we go on movie nights, that the French speakers give little classes to the other who want to learn French with native speakers, that we organize to go to markets together, going out together… I just was not expecting we would do it that, that much. I actually enjoy it a lot but that is unexpected.

What is your favourite spot in Brussels?

I know some. I really like Gaston in Sainte-Catherine, it is very nice for waffles and ice-cream, and also, they make very good coffee. Also, in the neighbourhood Jourdan, that I know well because I have lived there, I like Le Grand-Central for drinks, cocktails and stuff like that. And in the Parc du Cinquantenaire, but only in the summer they have this guinguette, that is amazing. And also, Madame Moustache in Sainte-Catherine, but there are many nice spots in the areas and just by exploring you will find very great things as well.

Tell us a fun fact about your house!

I would say the fact that we just started pranking each other, it has been two or three weeks and I do not know in which way it is going to go. It’s going to be good, I think, but I am scared it’s going to go on me *laughs*.

How would you describe yourself as a roommate? 

I think I am the big sister of the house, or even the mom *laughs*. Because I really like helping people, giving things, create that nice positive atmosphere in the house. Like the overprotective big sister trying to include everyone in the house. I think this is who I am. 

Do you feel part of a community? 

Yeah, sure, I mean as the house is new and we have only been living there for a month or so, we have only been to one Cohabs party… YET. But still, at least I feel that with the people in the house, and some other I have met and went to know. We have the same mindset, common values, we are all respectful and socializing, and also keeping time for ourselves and our privacy. So, yes, I do feel part of a community, and there is more to come!  

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