International Fries Day: 7 of the best places to eat fritjes in Brussels

By Charlotte Deprez Published 13/07/2021

July 13 is a glorious day, as it is (Belgian) Fries Day! Are you hungry for golden, crispy and perfectly fried fritjes? We listed the best fritkots and fry shops in Brussels for you.


With a name like “Fritland”, you would expect anything but good Belgian fries here. Well, you’d be wrong. Located in the heart of Brussels, a few meters from La Bourse, Fritland and its yummy fries attract lots of customers every day, both tourists and locals!

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Fritland, rue Henri Maus 49, 1000 Brussels.

Frites Atelier

If you’re looking for great Belgian fries but on the fancy side, then you’ll love Frites Atelier. In this restaurant imagined by Belgian star chef Sergio Herman, you can eat your fritjes with unusual toppings such as parmesan and basil or creamy cheese and kimchi. The place is stylish and chic, and Herman only works with high-quality local suppliers like Noordzee or Dierendonck. Yummy, greasy and classy.

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Frites Atelier, rue Sainte-Catherine 30, 1000 Brussels.


Frit’Flagey is the pinnacle of the Belgian fritkot. Located on the iconic Place Flagey, this tiny place always has a looong queue of eclectic people waiting to get their frites fix, whether it’s at 11:30 a.m. or 10 p.m. 

Frit’Flagey, place Eugène Flagey, 1050 Ixelles.


It’s not often that Belgians agree on where to eat the best fries, but this place seems to be high on the list of many Brusseleirs. At Bintje you’ll eat freshly cut and organic fries with real homemade mayo. The team has at heart to propose the best ingredients, plain and simple. And it pays off! In fact, rumor has it that they make the actual best fries in Brussels… 

Bintje, rue Simonis 62, 1050 Ixelles.

Maison Antoine

Brusseleirs were very attached to the historic Maison Antoine fritkot, a landmark of the Place Jourdan for more than 30 years. A few years ago, both the square and Maison Antoine got a facelift and look better than ever. What we love about this friterie is that all the cafés on Place Jourdan let you sit down for drinks with your food from Maison Antoine, the perfect combo! Good to know as well: this fritkot is so popular that you might bump into officials and celebrities, so keep an eye out…


Homemade fries (cooked with beef fat or vegetable oil, good to know!), homemade sauces, homemade products… Patatak’s motto could be “Homemade everything”. The restaurant has received the GoodFood label from the Brussels Region, which rewards sustainable and environmentally friendly establishments. Patatak is the first Belgian fries shop to obtain this distinction!

Patatak, Parvis Saint-Gilles 3, 1060 Saint-Gilles and Rue de la Bourse 34, 1000 Brussels.

Chez Jef

Chez Jef was officially voted best friterie in Brussels by the very serious Fritomètre ranking quite a few times! This typical fritkot is known for its amazing fries, but also for the warm welcome of Jef and his team. You’ll have to earn that cone of fritjes, as Chez Jef is not located in the heart of Brussels but in Neder-Over-Hembeek, but their fries are really worth the trip. 

Chez Jef, Place Peter Benoit, 1120 Brussels.

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