How events bring members together at Cohabs Paris

By Andy Sto Published 25/04/2024

Moving to a new city as amazing as Paris can be a life-changing experience, but it can also be a challenge, and rather lonely if you’re not in the loop about what’s going on in your local area and you’re not sure how best to meet new people. Cohabs in Paris avoids this problem by providing its members with an instant community of diverse yet like-minded people and an eventful social agenda. Want to find out why this is so successful? Keep reading to find out how Cohabs events and activities have a positive impact on the lives of Cohabs members and those around them.

What is Cohabs Paris?

With a thriving international community, Cohabs offers a refreshing new take on coliving, providing stylish shared homes and a living experience with a difference to driven expats, digital nomads, and other forward-thinking individuals. Organized social events and activities for members play an important role in the Cohabs concept, and in this article, we’ll explore why these events and activities in the capital are crucial to a fulfilling and positive Paris lifestyle. Moving to Paris? Get in touch with Cohabs to see how you can live life to the max in this astounding city.

Social events and activities offered at Cohabs Paris

Cohabs proposes as many events as possible to offer everyone the opportunity to get together for something they are sure to like and want to participate in. These events also offer the perfect chance for members to discover new places and experiences, and meet new people.

Théophile Gérard, Customer Experience Manager for Cohabs Paris shared his insights with us. He explains that “Everything is organized around Cohabs’ greatest inspirations – to share, learn, dream big, and have a positive impact.” Cohabs works tirelessly to find unusual, up-and-coming, reputable places to host events. The idea is to enable members to get to know their local neighborhoods, but also to showcase Paris in all its glory and diversity; partner bars, inspirational artist workshops, playing pétanque on the banks of the Seine, or simply discovering edgy and vibrant areas in the city. The possibilities are endless, and Cohabs events offer members a real encounter between themselves and the unknown, enabling them to flourish in their new environment.

Feedback is essential to ensuring each member is getting the maximum out of the social activities on offer. After each event, Cohabs are careful to ask each member what they thought of it, why they loved it, and what could still be improved. They are also invited to complete satisfaction surveys available via the Cohabs app.  Members are also encouraged to share their ideas for future events, which Cohabs organizers always do their best to make a reality at a later date. Cohabs genuinely try to make sure that there is something on offer to please every individual and give them the best experience.

The importance of social events and activities to coliving

Since its creation, Cohabs’ goal has been to make its members feel good, bringing people together, and enabling them to create meaningful connections. Not only do Cohabs provide exceptional housing to allow this to happen, but they also create a close community, to which the social activities and events they offer are key. These events open up the world beyond the walls of the house, forging new relationships with members from other Cohabs houses in different parts of the city, as well as in the wider community. By sharing these moments, members can create special bonds and memories, and launch new personal and professional projects.

“All shared experiences are an opportunity to connect, whether it’s laughing your head off at a comedy club, having a serious discussion around a cheese plate and a fine glass of French red, or teaming up for an adrenaline rush playing pétanque – it’s all about living in the moment and sharing it,” says Théophile.

“At each Cohabs event, many new friendships are born, and they also offer the chance to catch up with established friends too. Events can also be an occasion for members to let their talents shine. They are an opportunity to learn and develop new skills, both individually and as a community, to evolve, and to discover new passions and set new challenges.”

Théophile is also keen to point out that Cohabs events also offer fantastic networking opportunities. The professional situations, profiles, and backgrounds of members are very varied. As members are all active and motivated young people aged between around 21 and 35 years old and hailing from all over the world, this naturally gives rise to a new work network in the fast-paced French capital. Activities and events bring together people who may otherwise never have met, providing all the elements necessary to open the doors to potential new professional projects and collaborations and be inspired by others.

For example, After a Cohabs event, members have been known to find themselves with an unexpected job offer for a role that hasn’t even been made public yet, thanks to the community network. There are endless networking opportunities for members working off their own initiative.

Household events

As soon as a new house member arrives, their Cohabs housemates are there to give them a warm welcome, help them get settled in, and show them the ropes. All Cohabs members are carefully selected, curious, respectful, and open-minded young professionals actively seeking out new connections and experiences, so members are guaranteed to have plenty in common. On the first Saturday of each month, a fresh breakfast delivery is made to the household, giving the whole household the opportunity to get together, cook together, catch up with everything that’s been going on, and share stories and insights – it’s the perfect way to start the weekend.

The Cohabs app

Cohabs organizes two or three major events each month. To make sure members aren’t missing out, the dedicated Cohabs app makes it easy to keep everyone informed. As soon as events are announced for each coming month, members receive a notification on their app giving them all the necessary information and a registration link to sign up to attend. Once registered, Cohabs sends a confirmation email and everything is good to go – simple!

Members can also plan their own events via the app, whether it’s for the next film and pizza party, checking out a new restaurant or getting together to root for their team in an upcoming match in a favorite bar, or celebrating the birthday of another Cohabs member.

Cohabs events are popular

Because the Parisian community is constantly growing, it’s possible to gather together plenty of members for each event or activity. Although big turn-outs are fantastic, they aren’t always appropriate. With that in mind, Cohabs proposes different group sizes in line with the format or theme of an event or activity. For example; to keep things more intimate at a pottery workshop or when helping out at a soup kitchen, group sizes are kept small at between 8-10 people. An after-work party at a Parisian wine bar on the other hand? The bar capacity is the only limit!

Giving back

Cohabs encourages members to get involved with the Parisian community on both a collective and individual scale – it’s a great way to get to know your local area better and the people who live there, broaden your horizons, and enrich the community, giving you a sense of purpose. For that reason, Cohabs also holds events for charitable associations to help with major causes. In Paris, recent examples include fundraising for the environment with an organized charity sports challenge, and volunteering with the Chorba Association distributing hot meals at the city hall for those in difficulty.

The verdict

Finding somewhere to live in a new city in a different country to your own can be daunting and stressful. Cohabs makes it easy by doing all the hard work for you, letting you enjoy all the benefits of your new surroundings without the hassle. The added bonus of being able to move into your new home and instantly plugging into a ready-made community is priceless. 

New members are welcomed warmly into the Cohabs family, benefiting from sharing a beautiful, sustainable living space with other members who have a similar set of interests, values, and intentions. It’s far easier and way more fun to instantly be part of a like-minded community actively interested in sharing experiences, learning new things, and making connections, than to be struggling to try to make your way on your own in an alien environment. At Cohabs, if for some reason things do get tough and you’re feeling a little out of your depth, you’re surrounded by a community filled with members who will understand what you’re going through and be happy to give you some support.

Cohabs’ goal is that its members enjoy everything that the sublime city of Paris has to offer, from its incredible architecture and culinary delights to its wealth of cultural attractions and edgy arts scene, and the events and activities on offer are tailor-made to assure that they do. The dynamic social agenda allows members to plunge into their thrilling new Parisian lifestyle headfirst and carefree, safe in the knowledge that they have plenty of opportunities to make new friends and discover new things, and to grow and learn both individually and collectively. 

Join Cohabs today and embark on your extraordinary Parisian adventure!

About the author Andy is a seasoned digital nomad from Brussels. He runs a blog for digital nomads, remote workers, and remote company leaders: He enjoys hiking, singing, playing improv games and discovering hidden gems all over the world.