Coliving as a lifestyle

By Kevin Martel Published 24/02/2021

“It’s not just living in the same place, but living together with all the people.”
– Luis, Cohabs member

Since day one, our mission has been to rethink how people live together.

After 4 years, 28 houses and 350 members spread between New York and Brussels, we are still learning every day what the core values of coliving are. Most of the time defined as a modern form of housing with shared living spaces and private bedrooms, our experience, has shown us how people take control of their environment and cook up their own version of coliving with all the ingredients we’ve provided.

At Cohabs, we strongly believe in coliving as a lifestyle: a way of living for the curious, a chapter for the explorers, and more essentially a home bringing people together. Fighting loneliness is part of our DNA, especially with everything happening today. Often overlooked as targeting only the young demographic, coliving is about people of all ages.

For the last year, we’ve been actively looking to bring coliving to people from all generations.

Today, we’re very excited to present Cohabs Chatelain 50. It’s not just a new house but also a brand new service offering, where couples in their thirties, single fathers or mothers, people in-between, and active seniors will enjoy an amazing new home and discover coliving.

If you wonder what’s included in this house, it’s simple. At Cohabs everything is included, the house has been fully designed by Lionel Jadot, completely furnished with high-quality furniture, and fully equipped.

From 3 months and more, starting at 960 euros per month for a single room and up to 1350 euros for the biggest en-suites, our leases include everything, just bring your clothes and your toothbrush, we take care of the rest.

We mean everything:

  • The cost of utilities: gas, water, electricity, heat
  • Bedsheets & towels, cleaned every two weeks
  • Weekly rooms and shared spaces cleaning
  • Monthly household supplies
  • Monthly brunch
  • Monthly community events
  • Newspaper subscriptions on tablets
  • Self-service bikes
  • Incidents management
  • Mobile Cohabs Application
  • Internet
  • Netflix

About the author Hey! I'm Kevin. Digital Manager at Cohabs