Cohabs raises €58M in Series B funding

By Youri Published 12/05/2021

We created Cohabs in 2016 with a simple plan: create the best coliving experience possible. 5 years, 3 cities and 750 bedrooms later, we are proud of what we’ve accomplished so far.

Today, we raised €58M ($70M) led by AG Real Estate.

We’ve never been more focused on connecting people together in the best-designed environment, anywhere in the world.

All the credit goes to the Cohabs dream team, a unique group of passionate people working together to shape a better tomorrow.

A huge shout-out to our 1,172 beloved members who have helped us make this possible since day one.

We are also very proud to say that Cohabs has been entirely funded by Belgian public and private investors.

A few facts and figures

  • Of the €58M, €12.5M is in equity while €45.5M is in subordinated loan (6% – 6 years term).
  • Among the investors are our historical backers: AG Real Estate (€17.5M) and Alphastone (€7.5M). We welcome Federal Assurance (€10M), (€3.5M) as well as other public and private investors.
  • The growth ambitions are mainly focused in Europe (Brussels, Paris, Madrid) and New York with a target of 2000 bedrooms by 2022 over the 4 cities.
  • Achieving carbon neutrality is one of our commitments. We’re proud to say that our houses in Brussels have been carbon neutral since January 2021. Sustainability will be one of our priorities in the next 24 months as we’re submitting Cohabs for 1% for the planet, B-corp and other programs.
  • While we open more houses worldwide, we also aim to dedicate more bedrooms to people on low incomes. Our objective is to have 7% of our room portfolio dedicated to these people by end 2022.
  • Fighting loneliness is part of our DNA, especially with everything that is happening today. Often considered as targeting the young demographic only, coliving is about people of all ages. We want to create an offer adapted to this vision.
  • We continue to invest in technology to improve our team’s efficiency and customer experience with fluid, automated and efficient processes. The Cohabs App remains the keystone for our international community.

About Cohabs

Cohabs was founded by Belgian entrepreneurs Youri Dauber, Malik Dauber, and François Samyn in 2016. The trio still retains 60% ownership of the company. The Chairman of the board is Gilles Samyn.

Cohabs operates nearly 45 houses in Brussels (many of which are large, extravagant homes with more than 10 members); two in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, with a third to open in Harlem this summer, and 2 others in Paris by the end of this year. We are more than a management company, we do it all. We choose vibrant locations, we buy old houses, we transform them, we decorate them and then we bring our members into our story.



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