Best terraces and events to make the most of summer in Brussels

By Andy Sto Published 27/06/2023

A ray of sunshine in Brussels? Warm air and a brilliant blue sky? Did we finally make it through the damp, grey Spring to the glorious Belgian summer?

Though Brussels isn’t known for long, lingering summers, when the warm weather arrives the Bruxellois really know how to make the most of it. Just as Christmas markets made the festive season magical six months ago, crisp beers in the park, cocktails overlooking the city, and an exciting calendar of outdoor events are bound to make this a summer to remember.

The best terraces in Brussels to enjoy the sunshine

Did you know that beer drinking in Belgium is actually protected by UNESCO as a cultural heritage? That’s right, when you take that first delightful sip Duvel looking out over the rooftops of Brussels, you’re not just enjoying a beer with friends, you’re experiencing Belgian culture. And it’s not just beers you’ll find in Brussels. Colorful cocktails, wine from all over the world, freshly squeezed, organic juices: whatever you’re thirsty for, it’s waiting for you in a cozy hidden courtyard or swanky rooftop bar.

Plein Publiek BXL

Housed in the beautiful Palais de la Dynastie and regularly hosting events from fashion shows to salsa nights, Plein Publiek BXL has a reputation as one of the most creative venues in Brussels. But what really sets this city center bar apart during the summer is its beautiful terrace on the steps of the Mont des Artes.

This is a great spot to feel close to the action, to watch people, or to get the perfect shot for your summer photo dump in front of Place de l’Albertine. You’ll also find that food trucks and pop-up kitchens often set up shop on the terrace, so you can pair your cool beverage with some delicious street food.

Secret Rooftop by Warwick

From one of the best-known spots in the city to a hidden gem at the heart of the Belgian capital: The Secret Rooftop at the Warwick hotel is a laid-back roof terrace commanding some of the most captivating views in the city. Just meters from Grand Place, watch the sunset over the historic city center as you sit with a perfectly mixed cocktail or a cool glass of wine. 

The atmosphere is cozy and youthful. String lights and deck chairs invite you to take it easy and soak in the good vibes. If you’re looking for a spot to impress your date or elevate your girls’ night out, this could be it.

Le Chalet Robinson

Want to escape the city? Head out to Bois de la Cambre to enjoy brunch, dinner or just a refreshing drink at Le Chalet Robinson. Take a boat over to the verdant Belgian countryside without leaving Ixelles as you enjoy a delicious brasserie menu and an impressive drinks card on gorgeous Robinson Island. The Alpine-style chalet, strung with lights that glisten in the lake, is truly one of the most uniquely peaceful terraces in Brussels. One quick tip before you head out: don’t forget to book a table in advance.

Coucou Brussels

Why pick just one terrace in a city bursting with lush parks, cozy courtyards, and historic squares? Coucou Brussels offers five pop-up bars in some of the most picturesque locations in the city, including Place Poelaert, Square Ambiorix, and the Atomium. Not only are these open-air cafes a great choice for a casual drink with friends, but a guide to fully discover some of the best spots in Brussels.

Outdoor events in Brussels to get your summer moving

The best summers are the ones when we can truly let our hair down. With an exciting calendar of open-air activities for you to try this summer, Brussels invites you to switch out your weekly beer with friends or a trip to the cinema for something truly unique. Whether you like to spend the sunny season dancing, playing, or traveling the world through music and movies, you’ll find your perfect event in the European capital this summer.

Kiosk Radio x Crevette Records – Open Air (8th July)

Celebrate the summer at Brussels’ biggest urban playground, as the city’s favorite local radio and record store team for a day of sun-soaked rivalry. Kiosk Radio x Crevette Records Open-Air at Circle Park in Anderlecht is an annual one-day music festival where you can dance, drink and enjoy live music. The event prides itself on being a safe space for Bruxelloise of all kinds to get crazy in the summer sun. Tickets are a very reasonable 10 euros, and cheaper or free entry tickets are available to visitors who are tight on cash. So grab your friends, family, and flatmates and get ready for a party where everyone’s welcome.

Vaux Hall Summer (16th June – 13th August)

The Vaux Hall pavilion in Brussels Park really is one of the most stunning pieces of architecture in Brussels. Though its doors are normally shut, from the 16th of June to the 13th of August, visitors are welcomed inside for a diverse program of outdoor events, including concerts, theatre, film projects, and yoga classes. So if you’re looking forward to three months of art, entertainment, and enlightenment, the Vaux Hall Summer is bound to have something for you.

Foire du Midi  (15th July – 20th August)

Want to relive the fun and excitement of summer vacation as a kid? Well, La Foire du Midi could just be the place for you to reconnect with your inner child. Every day from the 15th of July to the 20th of August, the Boulevard du Midi is home to over 130 attractions, from traditional fairground rides to state-of-the-art thrillers. The event also features food trucks, cafes, and pop-up bars, so you make the most of a day at Brussels’ favorite urban theme park.

Get ready for a summer to remember

Whether this is your first Brussels summer, your fifteenth, or your fiftieth, make the most of the sunny days and warm evenings by exploring the cozy terraces and exciting events that the city has to offer. 

Use this list as inspiration for your next flatmates’ night out to get to know your neighbors a little better this summer. If you’re not part of the Cohabs community yet, check out our available rooms in Brussels so you can experience the Belgian summer vibes in the best way possible.

About the author Andy is a seasoned digital nomad from Brussels. He runs a blog for digital nomads, remote workers, and remote company leaders: He enjoys hiking, singing, playing improv games and discovering hidden gems all over the world.