9 awesome Belgian influencers to follow

By Charlotte Deprez Published 03/09/2018

Belgium has a vibrant blogging scene, mixing internationally acclaimed influencers and niche bloggers. Making a list of our favorite ones was no piece of cake, but we somehow managed to come up with this one! 

1. Paulien Riemis — @polienne

Paulien is an Antwerp based fashion blogger and Instagrammer. She started her blog back in 2009 — so, basically before anyone else — and still stands out thanks to her fresh and sharp sense of fashion. She explains that she discovered the world of fashion and blogs when she started modeling at 16. Nowadays, she shares her life between blogging and modelling. She also writes about home decor and travel, always with a lot of taste. 


Follow Paulien on her Instagram account and her blog. 

2. Johan Lolos — @lebackpacker

Johan Lolos is part of the digital nomad generation. This Belgian traveler turned photographer has been wandering the world in search of breathtaking landscapes since 2013. Norway, Namibia, Mediterranean, Australia: his pictures are postcards that will give you that shot of wanderlust. With around 466k followers on his Instagram account and a beautiful photo book out, his adventures are far from over.


Follow his adventures on Instagram and on his website.

3. Sofie Valkiers / Fashionata — @sofievalkiers

Sofie Valkiers founded Fashionata.com, a website that mixes fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and an online store. With more than 500k followers on Instagram, she displays her #OOTD (outfit of the day, in case you live in a cave) and her tribulations around the world with her beautiful little family. Her style is very feminine and sophisticated, you won’t find athleisure here! Follow her if you want daily elegant fashion inspo, but also severe travel envy. 


Follow Sofie on her Instagram account and her blog. 

4. Pieter Peulen & Joeri Evers — #hardwearing

Who said men didn’t like fashion? Pieter and Joeri describe themselves as a “Creative couple situated in Antwerp.” Their Instagram accounts are a visual gallery with a strong take on minimalism and aesthetics. You need to head there right now if you crave your dose of hype inspiration.


Follow Pieter and Joeri on Instagram and on their blog.

5. Maxine — @whyiamnotskinny

Just for the awesome name of her blog, you have to follow Maxine. This South African soon to be 40 expat found a new home in Brussels and is passionate about one thing: food and everything that goes around it. On her blog, you’ll find recipes, obviously, but also restaurant and food experience reviews. If we had to choose one section? The cheesecake one, boasting not one, not two, but twelve different cheesecake recipes. Damn!


Follow Maxine on her Instagram account and her blog. 

6. @welovebrussels

“Wait, is that in Brussels?” Yes, you’ll ask yourself that question a lot while going through the aggregated pictures selected by @welovebrussels! Of course you’ll see the classics like the Atomium or the Grand Place, but this Instagram account has made it its specialty to post pictures of Brussels off the beaten track. So if you’re willing to discover Belgium’s capital city, just follow the guide!


Follow them on Instagram @welovebrussels.

7. Anita — @the_brusselsprouts

Anita was born in Paris, raised in Uruguay and now lives in Brussels. You won’t find anyone else narrating the capital city of Belgium like her! She specializes in a broad set of topics such as travel, culture and food, making her blog very eclectic and interesting. What we love the most on Anita’s blog? Her nice addresses in all the coolest cities.


Follow Anita on Instagram @the_brusselsprouts and on her blog.

8. Hans Wouters — @woutershans

Hans Wouters posts about a very specific — and unusual — topic: longboarding! This belgian youtube and instagrammer of only 20 years old (he was born in 1998, ouch) is passionate about longboarding and filmmaking, and shares his views on everything longboard or skate related, from the best backpacks to his favourite skate tricks! So if you’re an aficionado, you’ll find your happiness here. 


Follow Hans on YouTube and Instagram.

9. Lesley, Jordy and William — @brosofdecay

Another drastically different account: Lesley, Jordy and William of Bros of Decay have elevated urbex (urban exploring) into a real art form. They roam Europe every week and explore the most amazing abandoned buildings on the way. And the result is magnificent and weirdly addictive! To be clear: when we discovered their YouTube channel, we watched something like 45 minutes of footage. Our favourite so far? The “Fully Furnished Abandoned Home in Belgium From The 1920’s” where it looks like the time just stopped. 


Follow Lesley, Jordy and William on YouTube and Instagram.

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