6 new restaurants to discover this Summer

By Charlotte Deprez Published 20/06/2019

Finally! The sun is back — at least every other day —, and not spending the evening in our sofa sounds appealing again. Aah, Summer, going out without your jacket and enjoying long evenings… And why not in one of Brussels’ brand new restaurants? Here’s our top 6!

1. Toshiro

Ever heard of the starred restaurant L’Air du Temps, in Eghezée? Well, Toshiro Fuji worked side by side with chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre for almost 10 years before becoming the chef at the San restaurants. And now, he just opened Toshiro! The decor is a mix of greys, woods and soft tones that make you feel instantly zen.

In your plate, you’ll find a very creative cuisine that reflects Toshiro’s delicate yet powerful style. The menu reads titles such as “prawn, consommé au vandouvan”, “black cod, eggplant with miso” or “strawberry, rhubarb, jasmine”. Simple, effective and music to our ears.

Toshiro, 73 rue de la Source, 1060 Brussels. Info on their website. 

2. Kafei

Have you noticed? Those super extra fluffy asian pancakes that are quickly becoming the new food stars on Instagram. Well, they’re called “japanese pancakes” and they’re one of Kafei’s signature dishes!

The team behind Cup 28 just opened this asian cafe right by avenue Louise, and it’s quite different than what we’re used to. Inside, the vibe is clean and simple with a touch of greenery. The big counter is also the open kitchen (they have nothing to hide) and on the lunch menu, you’ll find hot rice bowls, poki bowls, salad bowls, fluffy pancakes… They also have a brunch option on Saturdays until 3:30 PM (am I dreaming?). Last but not least, they have a terrace for sunny days!

Kafei, 147 chaussée de Vleurgat, 1000 Brussels. Info on their website. 

3. Tortue

Tortue is a neighborhood café just as we love them : on a corner, in the sun, and with great food and wines (that you can also buy to go!). Like any great neighborhood café, the people you meet here are all very different from each other, and that mix just screams “come sit and talk to people”. 

At Tortue, the specialties are natural wines, but also fresh and simple food. The motto? No fuss. More concretely, the menu suggests, for instance, a potato salad with diced mortadella and capers, ciabatta with veggies and anchovies, cold cuts or simply bread with sea salt and olive oil. And God, that simplicity is so relaxing.

Tortue, 34 rue Edith Cavell, 1180 Uccle. Info on their Facebook page.

4. Isabelle Arpin

Some of you may have heard of Isabelle Arpin : she’s just one of the very best in Belgium. After working as a chef for a few restaurants, she — FINALLY, YASSS, sorry, got carried away — opened her very own place : Isabelle Arpin.

From the outside, on the well-known avenue Louise, you wouldn’t guess right away that it’s a restaurant. The huge windows and the counter in the storefront remind you more of those super high-end boutiques, just down the avenue. 

But inside; everything is just pure “Isabelle Arpin” from the graphic shapes on the walls and ceilings to the window letting you see everything that’s happening in the kitchen. Same in your plate where creativity, boldness and finesse perfectly coexist. So you wanna know what you’ll eat here? Well, just go and allow yourself to be surprised, for once. 

Isabelle Arpin, 362 avenue Louise, 1000 Bruxelles. Info on their website.

5. Martine

“Martine” stands for Maroussia and Justine, the two dynamic women behind this lovely new address on the über-cool chaussée de Charleroi! The concept? Healthy breakfasts, lunches and brunches, mostly local and hearty. 

The menu changes every month and ranges from toasts to hummus and salmon sashimi. Yes, at Martine, the choice is wide and varied with that hype twist that we actually love. On the week-ends, they also have a magnificent brunch with a large buffet for 22€. Our advice? Go there on a sunny day, their terrace is scandalously beautiful. 

Martine, 80 chaussée de Charleroi, 1060 Brussels. Info on their website. 

6. Crème

“Crème”… The name already sounds like pure food bliss. In the heart of the Sablon neighborhood, Crème’s menu, inspired by Australian cuisine, offers a large choice of coffees, pancakes, eggs, bowls and even lobster rolls (yes, yes and yes!). 

The decor, made of exposed brick walls, soft tones and loads of greenery, is instagrammable af. If you’re in the Insta game, you’ll love it, otherwise, you’ll love it as well. The only downside is that they don’t take any reservation, making it sometimes hard to eat there.  

Crème, 30 rue de Rollebeek, 1000 Brussels. Info on Instagram account. 

About the author Hello there! I’m Charlotte, a 20-something based in beautiful Brussels and passionate about traveling, food and photography. Follow me on www.thetinynomad.com.