5 tips to be more productive

By Charlotte Deprez Published 11/09/2019

The leaves turning orange, the temperatures plummeting and the overdose of pumpkin everything on your Instagram feeds, no doubt, back to school season (and autumn) is upon us. It can be a bit depressing, but it can also be the opportunity to try new things… Like being more productive. And more productivity means more time to relax. So here are our top 5 tips to boost your productivity!

Three words : planning, planning and, well, planning again 

Surprise, a huge prerequisite to productivity is… Planning! On Monday morning, take 15 minutes to prepare a precise schedule of all the things you have to do during your week. This comes with a double advantage : you’ll be more organized throughout you week, but you’ll also be instantly less stressed because you’ll now have a clear idea of how you’re gonna squeeze everything in. See? Just reading this, you’re already more relaxed. 

However, don’t stop planning just yet! On top of that weekly schedule, a daily planning is the key. Before starting your day, make a small recap on all the tasks to be done today. One good habit : keep the most complicated things to do for the morning, when you’re still fresh. And when a task is done, you can cross it out of your list. Do you feel that? That’s pure satisfaction.

Work on your “urgent/important” matrix

A lot of things can seem urgent or important, but unless you’re Beyoncé’s assistant, not all of those are both urgent and important. In order to know how to make the difference, Eisenhower’s Matrix is your best pal. 

How it works :

  • Urgent and important box : goes on your to do
  • Urgent and not important box : delegate 
  • Important and not urgent box : schedule to avoid last minute stress
  • Not important and not urgent box : ignore

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The best way to beat procrastination! 👊🏼 . This matrix helps you categorize your daily tasks into the following: . Urgent and important (DO!) Urgent and not important (Delegate) Not urgent and important (Schedule) Not urgent and not important (Ignore) . Procrastinators love to hang out in the bottom right hand corner (not urgent, not important). These things make us feel busy, but aren't actually getting us any closer to our goals. 🙅🏽‍♀️ . Spending 5 mins a day categorizing and prioritizing is a game changer and this matrix makes it a no brainer. 👌🏼 . Let me know, have you used this matrix before? If not, could you see yourself using it to beat procrastination and get shit done?! Share below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ . . . Follow @livelongandhustle for daily inspiration to create the life and business you imagine. ✨ . 📷: @alyjuma . . . #eisenhowermatrix #smashgoals #beyourownboss #lifestyleentrepreneur #yycentrepreneur #yycblogger #businesstips #sidehustle #girlboss #girlbosslife #girlbossmoment #bossbabe #bossbabes #businesscoach #ladyboss #womeninbiz #womeninbusiness #mindsetmatters #goaldigger #goalgetter #biztips #femaleentrepreneur #fempreneur #hersuccess #risingtidesociety #femalefounder #girlwashyourface #jensincero #marieforleo #shemeansbusiness

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A lot of meetings are unnecessary

Either someone didn’t do their job, or you were invited to the meeting “just in case”, or your coworkers don’t feel like working and will make it last forever. That’s just a fact : meetings are often a waste of your time. 

So try to limit meetings as much as possible and answer “yes” only to those that seem essential. And when you accept a meeting, try to tick the following boxes before : 

  • The purpose of the meeting is clearly defined
  • The number of participants is limited
  • The agenda has been established and presented to all the participants

Last but not least, short meetings tend to be way more productive. So instead of scheduling 1 hour “just in case” (again), cut it in half; 30 minutes will do, we swear. 

Work according to goals and achievements, not time

When it comes to productivity, we often focus on the time it takes to complete a task, not on our achievements. That’s the wrong way to do it. Research shows that giving more importance to the time you spend on a task sets the path to inefficiency and anxiety. That model doesn’t respect our human nature : you don’t have control on when your brain is efficient or not, nor on your creativity. 

So in case you weren’t convinced yet, go do that Eisenhower’s Matrix and your daily to-do. It’ll help you celebrate achievements!

Stop. Multitasking. Right. Now.

A lot of people proudly say “that’s okay, I’m very good at multitasking”. There’s no such thing. Saying you’re good at multitasking is basically saying you’re good at botching a lot of things. Don’t panic though, the human brain is simply not able to do various things at once. 

So instead of trying to juggle everything at the same time, focus on the only thing that needs to be done now (hello again, Eisenhower’s Matrix). Once it’s done, you can move on to your next task. 

Extra tip : if it’s computer work we’re talking about, a good way to avoid distractions is to put your phone on airplane mode and have only one tab open. Also, absolutely disable any e-mail notification on your laptop! It’s drastic, we know, but it works. 

About the author Hello there! I’m Charlotte, a 20-something based in beautiful Brussels and passionate about traveling, food and photography. Follow me on www.thetinynomad.com.

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