10 of the best bars in Madrid for wine lovers

By Andy Sto Published 30/04/2024

Spain is famous around the world for its variety of fine wines and sparkling cavas. Unsurprisingly, the Spanish capital is loaded with wine bars where you can sample some of the best vinos from around the country. If you’re looking to imbibe, here are 10 great wine bars in Madrid that you can’t miss.


Angelita is one of Madrid’s pioneering wine bars with an extensive list of 500 bottles. At any given time, there are upwards of 25 selections that you can order by the glass. This family-run gem is right off of Gran Vía in Chueca and aims to serve customers a mix of wines from near and far. You can sit in the street-level bar and restaurant or head downstairs to the cozy cocktail lounge when you enter.

Vinoteca García de la Navarra

Vinoteca García de la Navarra is owned and operated by two brothers, a chef, and a sommelier. When you walk in, you can look at the wine menu to order by the bottle, or simply check out the chalkboard that shows the wines available to order by the glass that day. This place is famous among locals for its wonderfully delicious tapas perfectly paired with the cellar’s selection of wines.

La Taberna Sanlúcar

If you want to taste Southern Spain, La Taberna Sanlúcar will transport you to Andalucía with your first sip of sherry. This wine bar is decked out with bullfighting memorabilia and features some of the best wines and traditional recipes from down south. Order from a variety of sherries by the glass, pull up next to an overturned barrel that serves as a table, and enjoy a tasty tapa to go with it. iOlé!

La Venencia

La Venencia is another wine bar that takes you to sunny Southern Spain, as it only serves sherry that’s carefully selected from Andalucía. Order a glass and you’ll get it poured directly from the barrels lining the walls. This wine bar is one of the most traditional in Madrid. It was established in the 1930s and not much inside has really changed inside since then. La Venencia is a staple for locals in Madrid, and visitors will understand why as soon as they step in.

El Quinto Vino

If you’re looking for a spot to cozy up with a glass of wine and tasty tapas, try El Quinto Vino. This classic tavern is quite unique since it’s a wine bar, shop, and tapas bar all rolled into one. It’s further off the tourist track than many others on this list, so it’s not surprising that this one bar is popular with local madrileños.

El Quinto Vino is small, so don’t be overwhelmed when people pack in to grab a glass and a snack. Enjoy the ambiance and do as the locals do.

De Vinos

Malasaña is a trendy neighborhood in Madrid packed with bars and restaurants, one of which is a must for wine lovers. De Vinos is a fun, bohemian wine bar in the heart of the neighborhood that always packs in a crowd. When you walk in, check the board for the wine specials of the day, which are usually a mix of Spanish and global wines.

In addition to having a nice variety of vinos to sample, De Vinos regularly hosts wine tastings and live music for customers to enjoy. Lively and fun, this is a great place to hang with friends and chat over a glass of wine or two.


If you’re looking for a wine bar that’s less traditional and more luxurious, check out Berria. The location in Salamanca is unbeatable as this wine bar has an enviable sprawling terrace with views of Puerta de Alcalá. If you head inside, you’ll be greeted by sleek wine cases along the walls, beautiful wooden tables, and a spacious atmosphere that gives the whole place a modern feel.

You can order wine by the glass or bottle, as well as nibbles to pair along with it. If you want to dive deeper into the world of Spanish wines, Berria has curated experiences and tastings that are sure to impress wine aficionados.


Tempranillo is located on Madrid’s most famous street for food and drink: La Cava Alta. This cozy wine bar has an excellent selection of Spanish wines that you can order by bottle or glass. In the back of the bar, you’ll find a chalkboard with the day’s selections scribbled on it, and along the walls, you’ll spy bottle after bottle of vinos. As an added touch, you can also spot a few ham legs on the wall that serve as tasty reminders that you can order a number of Spanish delicacies to pair with your copa de vino.

La Cruda

Want to try natural wine? This trend is quickly growing in Madrid, and many wine bars, like La Cruda, are following along. A newer addition when it comes to wine bars, it’s owned by José González, one of the first to start selling natural wine in Madrid. He started in his stall in the Mercado de San Fernando and now is delicious wine and food from his own wine bar.

Wine appreciators will get a kick out of trying natural wines paired with scrumptious snacks or even the menú del día, the set-price lunch menu that perfectly pairs.

Stop Madrid

One of the oldest bars in Madrid, Stop Madrid was established in 1929 and still retains much of its old-world charm. Back then, it specialized in cured meats and cheeses, and today you can sample Spain’s famous jamón ibérico or queso manchego alongside a glass of your favorite wine. There are 50 wines that you can order by the glass, which you’ll find by consulting the chalkboard menu on the wall. No trip to Madrid is complete without making a stop at Stop!

A world of wine awaits in Madrid

If one thing is for sure, it’s that there’s no shortage of places to grab a glass of wine in Madrid. Whether you’re a local or new to the city, there’s nothing quite like grabbing a glass and a few nibbles to enjoy with some good conversation.

If you are new to the city, there are plenty of ways to meet new people, one of which is coliving, like with Cohabs. Coliving is a unique concept that allows you to meet like-minded individuals who want to live in and explore exciting cities like Madrid. So if you’re ready, the world of wine is waiting for you in Madrid, one bar at a time.

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